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John J. Jakubczyk has been active in the Pro-Life Movement since 1975.  He served as President of Arizona Right to Life, Arizona's largest, oldest and strongest pro-life organization.  He was on the board of AzRTL for many years and now acts as the Arizona delegate to the National Right to Life Committee.  As the founder and president of Southwest Life & Law Center, he continues to use his legal skills to assist in advising, counseling and defending women, children, pro-life activists, organizations, as well as victims of abortion. A national speaker, motivator and adviser since the 1980s, he is very familiar with the history of the movement at the national level.   A founder and past president of Ville de Marie Academy, he served as a trustee for 15 years.  He has been an attorney in private practice for 35 years, is active in his church, married, the father of 11 children, and a proud grandfather.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Something else of interest

In my last post I presented a paper that my son Joseph had written for school. I appreciate the comments both on the site and sent by email. As a dad, I am only too happy to watch my children grow and develop their talents. My wife and I are blessed. All of our children have been richly blessed by God and the wonderful thing is to see the talents being used.

Now a crass commercial plug for a band that has my son Joseph, aka Joe, as their lead guitarist. The band is called the Draw and they just cut an album called "Three Days on Brill Street." The album is quite good and has even had some radio play (although in the interest of full disclosure, it is the ASU radio station). On Friday they are playing at Phoenix Municipal stadium prior to the Oakland A's San Diego Padres spring training game. The game starts at 7:00 pm and the Draw will be performing for at two hours before the game starts from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. So if you are in the Phoenix area and want to hear a good young band with a great sound, check out The Draw.