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Monday, March 12, 2007

Hannity’s confusion - his Arrogance and his Ignorance

On Friday March 9, 2007, Sean Hannity was called to task by Fr. Tom Euteneuer of Human Life International for Hannity’s errant statements on the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on birth control. Unfortunately Sean was not in the mood to take public criticism from a priest for his ignorant statements on the subject of birth control. What followed was an embarrassing display by Hannity of his lack of understanding of the Catholic Church’s teaching and his inability to articulate an argument in support of his position. He has been roundly criticized for his behavior.

We have all known for many years that Sean does not have a real serious understanding of the faith. This is unfortunate for him and his listeners, as a well-formed conscience would have assisted Sean to understand that he is wrong on the subject of birth control. Fr. Tom explained this problem while he was being castigated by Hannity. It was not Sean’s finest hour.

It was clear that Hannity did not appreciate being criticized by Fr. Eutenenuer. Hannity was mean spirited and defensive throughout the exchange. He was unable to address the real issue and instead threw out old canards against the church. I suppose though that the most ironic statement was the one that sought to praise people who remained Catholic in spite of the scandals. The most humorous one sought to establish Hannity as an expert because he studied Latin in school. That was funny if it wasn't so sad..

It was a combination of arrogance and ignorance that served to convict Hannity on Friday night. As someone born in 1961 he was most likely not properly catechized. His Catholicism was more cultural and now with success, it is something to be used as opposed to something to be lived. While many conservatives have come to appreciate that the Church’s teachings on moral issues is consistent with their own appreciation of the subject, the truth is that the church’s teachings based upon truth are 2000 years old and have stood the test of time. Whether one is discussing abortion, birth control or the concept of a just war, Catholic thought is both developed and logical. It is one of the reasons that the secular world hates the Church. The secularists know that the teachings of the Catholic Church are the single most dangerous obstruction to their own humanist based philosophy. Unwittingly, by attacking the Church, Hannity gives further credence to the very enemies of truth itself.

Of course he does not realize this, just as he did not realize that Fr. Thomas Euteneuer is one of the heroes in the current war against the children. In his zeal to attack someone who dared challenge his comfort level, Hannity reflects the classic Pharisaical position.
His anger clouded his mind and unwilling to let someone explain his position, he interrupted the priest and made all sorts of scurrilous remarks. It was not his finest moment.

Now this is not the first time Hannity has said stupid things regarding the Church. But it is instructive that these things are being said and done at a time when Hannity has been especially supportive of Rudy Giuilani’s run for the White House. Giuilani is very pro-abortion. Giuliani supported public funding of abortion in 1989. Yet, there are some who would claim that he is the only one who can beat Hillary and therefore are telling pro-life voters to hold their collective noses. However, I for one, say no. There are fine candidates such as Sam Brownback who can beat Hillary or anyone else the Democrats throw up.

So what are we to do with the likes of Sean Hannity?

Well, the first thing to do is pray for him.

It may be that the wealth and power that that been placed at his feet by being a national talk show host has affected him. This event may be a tool for bringing about greater prayer for him so that he will see the error of his ways.

Remember that two things are at stake. We do not want Catholics giving public scandal. In Sean’s case, if he would simply cease talking as a so-called authority on church matters, it was localize the error and not spread scandal.

We also want Sean to know and understand the truth and then to practice the truth. In his case he needs to read Theology of the Body. Humane Vitae, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. He should pick up anything by Kreeft, Keating or the late bishop Fulton Sheen on the combined subjects of marriage and family life. He should also recognize that to be a practical Catholic, one does not pick and choose what one believes. Either one believes everything that the Catholic Church teaches or one does not.

Now having read over the various sites since Friday night, one can see a tremendous response by the Catholic community to his lack of understanding. Some have been very caustic, others are amazed at his stupidity. As for me, one sees the dangers of being so successful that one thinks one can be a law unto oneself.

Having met Sean a few times when he was in Phoenix, I do believe that he needs to sit down with an educated Catholic layman or priest and study the Faith. But first it would be appropriate to apologize to Fr. Euteneuer for the way he treated Father on Friday night.

After all, Sean we all need to reconcile with our brother before the Lord.