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John J. Jakubczyk has been active in the Pro-Life Movement since 1975.  He served as President of Arizona Right to Life, Arizona's largest, oldest and strongest pro-life organization.  He was on the board of AzRTL for many years and now acts as the Arizona delegate to the National Right to Life Committee.  As the founder and president of Southwest Life & Law Center, he continues to use his legal skills to assist in advising, counseling and defending women, children, pro-life activists, organizations, as well as victims of abortion. A national speaker, motivator and adviser since the 1980s, he is very familiar with the history of the movement at the national level.   A founder and past president of Ville de Marie Academy, he served as a trustee for 15 years.  He has been an attorney in private practice for 35 years, is active in his church, married, the father of 11 children, and a proud grandfather.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

More criticism of DVC

The good news is that the movie may be such a dud that if it doesn't do well the first week, it may really flop. Perhaps that is why Ron Howard refused to let anyone review it early. Maybe he knows that it is really bad. For a site that lists a whole lot of reviews, good and bad, check out Rotten Tomatoes.

Meanwhile the word is getting out about the effort to support another movie alternative to DVC.

Go see "Over the Hedge."

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Da Vinci Movie panned by Critics

If the controversial summer movie the Da Vinci Code cannot make it with the reviewers who are lapping up the sun in Cannes, then perhaps we can all go back to more important matters. Yet I would not be too quick to bury this vampire of a movie until the public has seen and rejected the blasphemous contortion of 2000 years of western civilization.

I always find these conspiracy theories involving the Catholic Church humorous. After 2000 years, the Church is still around – and not because of the leadership of men – just read the history of the papacy. The truth surrounding the Catholic Church – and this is what non-believers cannot understand – is that God is still in control. The Holy Spirit is the animus of the Church. And while the Church is both human and divine, God works out salvation history through the humanity of His Son and the Mystical Body of Christ- the Church. Those who do not believe do owe a bit of gratitude to the Church and her existence to Western Civilization. Despite any problems that are due to the fallen state of mankind, the truth is that the blessings of the Catholic imprint on Europe and the world is the reason why we enjoy democracy, economic prosperity and relative peace. We would all do well to thank God for the graces He has bestowed on us and to avoid any book, movie or other type of entertainment that would cause us to divert our attention from the good the true and the beautiful.

It is very sad that certain actors in the movie called the Bible "fiction" in response to the request for a disclaimer at the beginning of the movie. But it is a further example of the anti-Christian and more specifically anti-Catholic nature of the movie. It is also sad to see that Ron Howard has apparently sold soldould for the dollar bill. His weak response and attempt to ignore the serious mistake of making this movie will permanently affect his reputation.

Again the way to respond to this effortHollywoodwood to insult the Christian faith is to see an alternative film this weekend. "Over the Hedge" is a Dreamworks animated picture. Seeing this movie is a vote against the Da Vinci Code. This movement even has a name. It called the "Other-cott."
The idea was dreamed up by Barb Nicolosi and it is a healthy response to the notion that we can not do something to make our voices heard.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Step up to the plate and support the marriage amendment

Whether you are a political figure or the fellow down the street, the importance of having certain matters clear in the law is critical to the maintenance of an ordered society. Part of our current crisis has to do with the desensitizing of language. Words no longer mean what they have meant for generations. In addition there is an effort to change the clear meaning of words and a cooperation by the mainstream media to insist that the society as a whole accept these changes to the meaning of words.

Lets address the word "marriage" which these days is the subject of federal and state constitutional amendments and all sorts of controversy

Marriage is defined as the act of marrying or the state of being married, specifically, a compact entered into by a man and a woman to live together as husband and wife. See Funk & Wagnalls New Comprehensive International Dictionary of the English Language.

Yet if one refers to Google and searches for definitions, one gets all sorts of referrals, some sensible, some not.

In any event in Arizona there is a move to define the concept of marriage. This is a good thing. Courts should not be redefining words that have long since been understood to mean a certain thing.

All of us should promote and sign this petition.
for further information contact Center for Arizona Policy and volunteer.

An effective Response to the "Da Vinci Code"

There are a lot of websites and blogs addressing the errors contained in the book, "The Da Vinci Code" and it is not my intention to address or copy what is already available to the interested person. However the most immediate way to respond to this attack on the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to attack them where it hurts. Don't just boycott the movie. Go see another movie - in this case - the animated feature, "Over the Hedge." You can bring the children and thumb your nose at the movie moguls attempting to further confuse the public. Credit for the idea: Barb Nicolosi. Visit her at www.churchofthemasses.blogspot.com